Youth Leadership for Child Rights

The MP Changelooms.ChildRights programme is a platform through which young people can understand & express themselves. The programme helps them build their leadership skills and understanding of child rights & social inclusion, as well as strengthen their on-ground work on child rights, through learning workshops, individual mentoring, networking and advocacy.

We believe that the MP Changelooms.ChildRights programme will lead to the creation of a cadre of well-rounded, socially-motivated youth change leaders who will be able to positively influence children and other youth in the communities of Harda district. As these individual changemakers will undertake different issues of child rights & development like education, new borne care, health & sanitation, advocacy, etc the Changelooms.ChildRights programme will also lead to a multi-pronged solution to Harda’s child rights challenges. Thus, such a programme will enable this organization to significantly increase the outreach and the sustainability of the impact created on the ground.

The main focus of the MP Changelooms.ChildRights programme is the youth between the age of 18 to 30 of Harda district. It is our endeavour to develop and strengthen youth changemakers on social inclusion and child rights. Over the one-year period of the programme, we will select and identify 15  inspiring young social change leaders, to be a part of a year-long journey of transformation – the young people will work towards transforming the world around them, while letting their experiences of doing so transform them in the process!


Program Details

Applications for the Program are Closed

We welcome applicantions from young, enthusaistic individuals from Harda and Khandwa district who are working on an interesting and creative social project idea in their communities with another young person.


How will the program benefit you?

The program offers a wide range of opportunities to young people to groom themselves, understand themselves better, realize their potential and build communities based on constitutional values and human rights. On joining the program, not only will you get to become deeply aware about yourself, but also develop leadership and inter-personal skills and get to learn more about issues of social and cultural importance.

Post the fellowship, most of the fellows are able to work further on their ideas and develop their enterprises. Some fellows also opt to either go for higher education or get a job in the development sector.     

About the application process

The application form covers various aspects of an individual's and their project partner's life. This is to ensure that we are able to understand the specific experiences and needs of the individuals who are applying for the program. Along with that, we try to briefly understand the project idea that you have chosen to work on during this fellowship period.

Selection Process

There are three stages of selection process:

1. The applicants are shortlisted on the basis of the strength of their application form. The parameters for those include the applicant's ability to reflect upon their lives and draw conclusions based on them as well as the uniquesness of their project ideas.

2. Shortlisted canditates are called for an in-person interview where we will get to know the pair in depth and assess their motivation and passion to work on the social issues that they chosen to work upon.

3. The third round of selection process will be a two day "Project Preparation Workshop" which will be carried out with the selected candidates from the second round of selection process. The pair will have to work on their project ideas with the help of the inputs from the team, make a project plan, and present that in front of everyone. On the basis of project design clarity about vision and objectives, as well as motivation and passion to achieve those objectives, we will select 12 pairs for the fellowship program

Fellowship Journey

Changelooms is a 12-month long committment and the fellows are expected to dedicate at least 10 days in a month on their project ideas. 

Apart from three major workshops at the start (5-day workshop), mid (4-day workshop) and end of the fellowship (2-day workshop), the fellows will have to attend Monthly Review Meetings. Along with that, all pairs will be appointed one mentor who will be in regular conversation with them through calls or visits and will assist them in developing their project ideas.

Suruchi, Fellow (2018-19)

I joined this fellowship with the purpose of gaining exposure and confidence as I was called immature by my friends and family. But it turned out to be greater than that. My perception towards myself as well as the world changed drastically. I wanted to write but I didn’t want to listen to anyone or read much. But now, I give importance to a person’s story and listen intently because we always learn something new from it.



1. A young person between the age of 18-30 years.

2. You should be working on an exciting social action project with children, adolescents and youth in Harda and Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh on issues of education, health, sports, environment or community development.

3. The idea should either be new with a capacity of scale-up or being implemented on ground for not more than one year.

4. Atleast one other fellow should be working with you on the project idea.